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World of Will - Welcome to the Unreality!

Entering the World of Will

Will is a lonely five year old who has lost his mother, and whose father is too occupied with his own grief to always be there for his son. Will is brooding, shy and without friends, but everything changes when he finds an old diary with blank pages.

The cover features a little girl, and in Will's fantasy the unwritten story of this book is spun around her as the central character.

Will soon becomes an active participant of the imaginary adventures that he creates.
They take place in a world parallel to our own, with the same people and surroundings, but where everything seems much brighter and where you find things that do not really belong in reality.

Things like a melancholic tree stump, a confused echo, a cuddly werewolf, a mean mirror image, a giant afraid of heights and a ghost child afraid of the dark.
And, of course, Ella. The little girl from the book cover.

She is a child from the world of fairy tales, with no worries or sorrows, who believes there are no problems in life that cannot be solved with a hug.
With her, Will no longer feels lonely.


Comment by the creators

"We wanted to create a warm, fun-filled comic that went beyond just being a bunch of gags.
We sought a plot that also had depth and an underlying melancholy, with characters to care about and to laugh with, rather than at.

The imagination that Will uses to create a world of his own is the heart and soul of our comic strip. To us, it’s a healing force and an essential part of life. Only the seventh sense, our imagination, is powerful enough to let us experience things beyond the limits of reality.”

/Torbjörn and Kristian Hägglund, Trehörningsjö, Sweden.



A five year old with green eyes, tousled red hair and a very big heart. Will has no friends in real life but a big bunch of imaginary ones.

He is an incurable daydreamer who wishes that the reality would be more like the unreality.
In his fantasy world, he feels safe and harmonic, but the world beyond his imagination often makes him uncomfortable and intimidated.

Sometimes he writes letters to his mother to tell her about his everyday life, hoping she won’t miss him too much and feel sad about being dead.

Will views the world through the wise eyes of a child and is gifted with an unerring knack for finding a bright side to every possible kind of darkness.



A girl with purple hair, violet eyes and a dazzling smile. Ella wants to befriend everyone everywhere and give hugs to them all.

She finds it incomprehensible how anyone can resist climbing every tree in the forest or dancing around barefoot in a thunderstorm.

From Ella's point of view, fantasy is just as important as reality and she rejects the thought that she would be any less real just because she happens to be fictional.

She spreads happiness wherever there is a shortage of it – but above all to Will. There is nothing in any world that Ella cares more about than him.

Will's dad

A calm and quiet man, but nowadays also subdued and brooding.
After the death of Will's mother, there is not much left of the harmonic man that Will's dad used to be.

He is stuck in a situation where his grief is mixed with the shame of failing to be the supportive father figure he wants to be for Will.
However, it’s undeniable that he really loves his son.



A little ghost with the bad habit of scaring himself on a regular basis. Bobo works hard to spread fear and chaos, but he rarely comes up with anything scarier than that to ruffle the hair of his victims.
He is terribly afraid of the dark, and his cute looks unfourtunately makes people want to cuddle with him.



The Stump

A grumpy tree stump that was once part of a large and beautiful oak.

Nowadays, he mourns the rest of himself and dreams back to the olden days when he enjoyed respect and admiration.

The Stump is extremely well-educated (according to himself because he is "constantly connected" through his roots), and possesses the vocabulary of a dictionary.
His own explanation for this is, of course, that some parts of him has been hired as pages in one.


The mirror image

Will's nemesis. A mirrored copy of himself, living in all kinds of reflective stuff, who bombards Will with harsh criticism whenever he spots him. The mirror image is a sarcastic and pretty unpleasant figure.


Aunt Selma

This old lady, in charge of Will's kindergarten, has forgotten all about what it means to be five years old.
Selma means well, but she just doesn’t get Will and his world.
She considers his love for the imaginary to be an improper habit and constantly sabotages his frequent
attempts to escape from reality to his own world of will.





Comments about World of Will:

”Your strip is beautiful - the artwork, ideas, characters, the charm… it reminds me of a sort-of "Waking Life" in comic strip form.”

”Please take my praise on this heartbreaking powerful episodes of will, it is the best and most touching comic i ever read. marvellous… keep the boy alive!”

”I think THIS is what a child's comic strip should be like. Wonderful stuff!”

”I like it, it's pretty cute and also has some nice moments that seem to display complex themes.”

”Kids need to have experience dealing with death in fiction, so they'll be prepared for it in reality. Keep it up!”

”I absolutely loved it. Incredibly well done - thank you for this wonderful idea, your execution of it and for sharing it with us.”

”Nice work guys. Really well drawn and nice characters. My favourite was the one where the father and son were looking out the window each wishing they were each other.”

”That is beautifully drawn; I am not totally sold, but the best comic strips are always slow burn. I have certainly seen less instantly appealing strips syndicated.”

”This is really cool. Beautiful artwork, sweet way of dealing with a horrible subject, gentle humour. I'd reccomend it to some of my friends who work with kids.”

”These are really sweet, I would recommend to friends. It reminded me a little of the 'Love is...' comics which I loved as a girl.  Good luck with it.”

”These are pretty special. Just the right side of whimsical. Well done. ”

”I really like it… thoughtful and well-crafted, with lots of charm. A "Waking Life" lucid dreaming connection? Good stuff.”

”Love, LOVE it!”

”I really love your mind/s. Some excellent ideas there and the drawings are lovely. Brilliant stuff.”

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