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World of Will - Welcome to the Unreality!

Behind the squares


The Hägglund brothers grew up in the so far undiscovered tourist paradise Trehörningsjö outside Örnsköldsvik in the northern part of Sweden.
They come from a family of eight, and their attempts to conquer the world of comics began at an early age.
The first comic strip they did together, having reached the respectable ages of eight and ten, was scrapped after only three episodes – and that was probably just as well.
They consider “World of will” to be a slightly better attempt.



Torbjorn, born 1987, is the big brother and scriptwriter.
In many ways he is an older version of Will; an absent-minded, red-haired bookworm with an overactive imagination, a lot of good ideas, even more bad ones and a strong love for everything beyond the limits of reality.

His plans for the future include becoming a writer and saving the world, but he still hasn’t decided where to begin. 



Kristian, born 1989, is the little brother and cartoonist. From an early age he has been praised for his talents in drawing, leading to delusions of grandeur and an unshakable belief that he could actually make a living out of it.
He started freelancing as an illustrator at the age of 15, and after receiving a college degree in picture storytelling he currently works as a freelance illustrator and comic creator.
During his free time he is planning to save the world before his brother does.


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